Thursday, March 26, 2015

Handmade Seussical Costumes - The Final Photos

One of my favorite parts was making the WHO costumes. First I sketched out the ideas, and then narrowed them to 4 color combinations: Yellow and Green, Purple and Orange.

There was NO WAY I would have been able to make all the suspenders, bow ties, neck ties, collars and aprons... It would have taken 12+ hours. So I used a trick from my event planning bag, KITS. I made kits with instructions and figure drawings, pre cut felt pieces for examples and excess fabrics and notions. With the schools permission I left a Seuss Pick Up Box in the Main Office or delivered kits to mom who signed up to help. We had over 30 volunteers to help assemble and decorate the kits!! Wow -- great support.

And you have this classic event planning moment: "I'll just do it myself." Of course you CAN do it... but SHOULD YOU do it all?

We made that happen.

I couldn't have tackled this project without the help of some pretty amazing parents involved in the school and show. I created volunteer kits. YES these kits are time consuming to assemble. And you have this classic event planning moment: "I'll just do it myself." Of course you CAN do it... but SHOULD YOU do it all?

NO, don't do it all. You will be exhausted, and frustrated! Pinspiration is tremendous! But realize each project takes time, from minutes to hours. Include the shopping time, cutting, assembling, and all the steps in between. So NO - Don't do it all yourself. My costume kits took hours, but they also saved me DAYS! 

See more here on the final Costume Kits.

And here on the Final Costumes

Seussical Costumes Homemade by APrincipalandWifeTravels
Seussical Costumes Homemade, a photo by APrincipalandWifeTravels on Flickr.

The Headbands
We made kits for WHO Suspenders, headbands made from pipecleaners, collars, aprons, neck and bow ties. Admittedly the shorts and skirts were some of the most crude sewing I have done. But their costumes, and as our High School costume queen said, it has to last and be durable for 2 days and look great!! My lesson learned, make costumes bigger and a few smaller pieces if you don't have a chance to measure the kids in advance!

That's me adjusting Horton's ears. Notice those striped arm covers? Yes, those are from Japan, since they use skin covers instead of sunscreen.

Mr. and Mrs. Mayor, upcycles from the Wizard of Oz costumes.

Mayzie - I wish I had a shot of her on stage LIVING THE COSTUME. When she first put it on she shook her tush, and waved her hips!! She really owned the costume.

The Bird Girls: These girls wanted their feather colors to culminate into Mayzie's tail colors. 

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